Report Spam / Junk E-mails

If you are receiving spam E-mail that appears to be coming from us, please know that it was not sent from Fairwind Sunglasses Trading Co., Inc. We have recently been the victim of a "Joe Job" attack, and if you received one of these emails, you too are a victim.

Fairwind Sunglasses Trading Co., Inc. does not engage in spamming, and feel that it is harmful to the community.

A "Joe Job" is the name given to an attack whereby a spammer sends unsolicited E-mail which has been spoofed to appear as if it came from somebody else. The spammer is then able to send spam without taking any of the responsibility for their actions, sending fallout instead to the victim. Unethical companies may also engage in these tactics in an attempt to defame their competition.

In order to be able to effectively trace these E-mails back to their original source, we need as much feedback from you as possible. If you have received at least one of these spam messages, it can provide valuable information that can lead to the original attacker. We have set up a form below that will assist you in copying the necessary information from the E-mail and submitting it to our team. We cannot thank you enough for helping us put a stop to this attack as expediently as possible.

First, open the offending E-mail and make sure that the full headers are being displayed. This information is essential for being able to trace the message back to its source. The methods for displaying full headers varies depending on which application you are using. If you are unsure how to display full message headers, these instructions may be helpful.

Once you have the entire message displayed, copy everything in the body of the E-Mail and paste it into the box below.

Full Message including Header Information